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4th Edition BCIF - 2021, February 26

Wellcome: Your participation in BCIF is an honor for us

Congress taught in:

Spanish  English  French  Arabic

Thank you for having participated or attended the previous edition of the BCIF



BCIF is a unique Congress that is organized annually in Barcelona. It is a meeting where the assistant will have the opportunity to meet professionals, researchers, academics and experts, both national and international, on the subject of Islamic finance, as well as to be up to date on all news, development and evolution of a new sector in continuous growth throughout the world. Each year is dedicated to a specific topic. Our goal is to make Barcelona the European Leader in the topic of Islamic Finance.


The objective of this Congress is to generate and promote research on the subject of Islamic economy and finance, create spaces and synergies for the exchange of ideas and thoughts among experts, present a viable economic and financial alternative, both in Barcelona, Spain or the world. Open to researchers, academics, investors, financial institutions, and all those interested in Islamic Finance as an alternative or diversification of the financial, social and profitable offer at the same time.

Certificate of Attendance

Attending the Congress, gives you the possibility of obtaining the Certificate of Attendance if you wish, and if you are an exhibitor, in addition to the Certificate of Participation, your Article, presentation, or research work may be published in the  Center's Magazine, CEIEFI -Rev.

Barcelona Tour

The Speakers, exhibitors, and other participants or attendees can enjoy a tour at the end of the congress for all the most emblematic tourist places of Barcelona and around.


You will give you the prestige of lecturer in the BCIF, your article will be presented and discussed in front of an elite of experts in Islamic Finance, can be part of the articles selected to be in a summary book of the Congress, your article may be published in one of the most well-known scientific journals.

What else

You will find out what’s new in the industry, will find experts who can enlighten you, get important contacts that can help you make decisions regarding research, investment, financing, etc.


Barcelona Congress of Islamic Finance is a Congress that is organized in Barcelona annually. A meeting where you can have the opportunity to meet with experts in Islamic economy and finance, as well as to be informed of developments in this growing sector all over the world. Each year is dedicated to a specific theme. The objective of this Forum is to generate and promote research in the field of Islamic economics and finance, to present articles accompanying the development and continuous evolution of this sector, to create a space for the exchange of ideas and thoughts among experts, researchers, investors , financial entities, and those interested by Islamic Finance.
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Calle Casp, 43, Bajos, 08010,
Barcelona, España.
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